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On behalf of the brothers of the Phi chapter here at the University of Michigan, I welcome you to our Fraternity’s official website.

As the premier business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi is nationally recognized as a developer of principled business leaders. It is with great excitement and pride that we invite you to explore your interest in our organization.

Our brotherhood is comprised of some of the most driven and inspiring students here at the University of Michigan. Our brothers span the community as leaders of several other student organizations, young entrepreneurs, achievers in academia, varsity collegiate athletes, and young professionals in the business world. The Phi Chapter's invaluable network connects us not only throughout campus, but nationally and internationally. We are a diverse mix of individuals who come together as a fraternity with mutual interests in business to collaborate and build on our strengths, better our community, and provide the resources for academic, professional, and personal success.

I am incredibly excited for my 6th semester as a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi. Much of my amazing experience here at the University of Michigan has been centered around being a part of this great organization. Alpha Kappa Psi has many great things to offer and I encourage you to continue your exploration by attending our rush events. Thank you for your interest and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Pranav Tadikonda

About Us

What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

Alpha Kappa Psi is Michigan's oldest and most premier business fraternity. We are a co-ed organization with access to a large alumni network spanning top companies and careers paths across the globe. We are an organization that prides itself on diversity and uniqueness. As a brotherhood, we seek to balance professional development and social bonding. The benefits of AKPsi don't stop after pledging or even graduation — Alpha Kappa Psi is truly a lifelong organization.

Frequently Asked Questions
As a nationally recognized business organization, Alpha Kappa Psi offers business-related, social and philanthropic opportunities that complement your experience as a University of Michigan student. Our fraternity is comprised of diverse students with a variety of backgrounds, interests and aspirations, and we strive to excel throughout our college career.
Every brother has their own reason for rushing Alpha Kappa Psi. Many cite our breadth of professional resources, professional and academic support, or the life-long friendships and memories as key factors. There is no "one" reason; however, and we encourage you to attend all of our preliminary rush events to learn how all of our brothers have benefited in unique ways from this organization.
No! Although many of our members are pursuing business-related majors, Alpha Kappa Psi accepts all majors. We believe that a keen sense of business is important in all fields. Our members are concentrating in a variety of fields and are pursuing an equal diverse range of career paths and opportunities. That we all hold the same drive for professional and business success, in any industry, is what unites us as an organization.
Yes, you can - in fact, we encourage it! Many of the brothers of our organization rushed more than one time, and you will not be penalized by any means for coming out for a second time. Additionally, we offer rush in both the fall and winter semesters.
Mandatory requirements for the pledging process include attendance at weekly meetings and additional events as well as a brotherhood interview requirement. While the pledging process is at times very rigorous, what you put into our organization is likely what you will get out of it. The resources and opportunities within our organization are vast, and you will be given every opportunity to grow as a leader, business professional, and brother.
The members of Alpha Kappa Psi pride themselves on being hard working and organized individuals. As a professional organization, it is a top priority of our members to maintain the highest academic standard. At no time will you be asked to put pledging or a social lifestyle before your academics.


Current Members

Are Pursuing BBAs


Have served on Committees


Are Involved in Other Clubs





Interacting with the most enthusiastic and hardworking people on campus pushes you to be your best self.




The people you meet will go on to be your closest friends, roommates, study buddies, and everything in between.




From the beginning, you will be able to lead within your pledge class and eventually within the brotherhood.




No other organization's alumni have a better opportunity to help you turn your dream job into a reality.

Current Brothers

  • Phoebe Block
  • Megan Carroll
  • Liam Clancy
  • Jack Cohen
  • Laura Deng
  • Grace Dillon
  • Peter Gallette
  • Jonah Goldberg
  • Alec Hanson
  • Jad Jarouche
  • Sinan Karabocuoglu
  • Eshaan Kawlra
  • Apoorv Kwatra
  • Isha Lele
  • Jordan Li
  • Jamie Marshman
  • Ram Patel
  • Arianna Seir
  • Eric Shlovsky
  • Stephanie Shoo
  • Kira Sindhwani
  • Virginie de Smet
  • Simona Zhu
  • Zeinab (Zee) Ayoub
  • Adam Cohn
  • Jacob Feuerborn
  • John Gearig
  • Alexander Hedge
  • Romain Hufbauer
  • Sophie Johnson
  • David Kobrosky
  • Chloe Linkner
  • Varun Madan
  • Maddie McCahill
  • Annika Mursten
  • Carolina Posada
  • Geet Punjabi
  • Joston Rodrigues
  • Jack Salamati
  • Atharva Talpade
  • Arjun Vivek
  • Grace Wang
  • Merrick Weingarten
  • Georgia Wood
  • Daniel Yang
  • Miriam Akkary
  • Sabina Anand
  • Rebecca Andrews
  • Tim Azzolini
  • Leanna Campos
  • Mahmoud ElNaggar
  • Kevin Fietsam
  • Mars Hovasse
  • Mira Kaufman
  • Rohan Kheterpal
  • Claudia Lopez-Balboa
  • Max MacRitchie
  • Rahul Mirchandani
  • Alissa Moore
  • Lulu Mustafa
  • Joe Negen
  • Alexa Rathi
  • Jon Rossio
  • Mitch Stathakis
  • Hayley Vassallo
  • Alex Zhang
  • Julia Atayde
  • Matthew Balsei
  • Rachel Beir
  • Neil Desai
  • Grace Drettmann
  • Christina Gatti
  • Isabel Kashi
  • Rachel Levine
  • Kailan Mehta
  • Devesh Modi
  • Stephen (Andy) Olson
  • Rajal Patel
  • Susan Pilibosian
  • Dhruv Pujara
  • Yishai Ribon
  • Arjun Sahdev
  • Kayvon Sanjasaz
  • Abiral Sawhney
  • Reeya Shah
  • Rana Shahani
  • Rama Somayajula
  • Olivia Sun
  • Pranav Tadikonda
  • Sam Ungerleider
  • Thomas Appleton
  • Christopher Bahr
  • Jacob Block
  • Edward Cheng
  • Joseph Coates
  • Fudong Fan
  • Samuel Goldin
  • Temisan Hambraeus
  • Audrey Humphrey
  • Jason Ji
  • Kunaal Kapadia
  • Ryan Krueger
  • Matthew Lindon
  • Michael Makari
  • Nikita Mikkilineni
  • Rachel Ordan
  • Adarsh Rachmale
  • Taylor Rajter
  • Hannah Saghir
  • Jacob Schwartz
  • Rhea Seth
  • Clement Sutjiatma
  • Andrew Todd
  • Amy Trenh
  • Melanie Allan
  • Nathaniel Benedict
  • Evan Chen
  • Ryan Costa
  • Katharine Hebard
  • Branden Levine
  • Hannah Lievois
  • Madison MacRitchie
  • Ben Mansky
  • John Marlin
  • Francis Misra
  • John Nowland
  • Rasika Raghavan
  • Fiona Raynor
  • Mitchell Ridley
  • Amanda Riesmeyer
  • Pierre de Smet
  • Kyle Solomon
  • Jonathan Stoneback
  • Kaitlyn Wells
  • Amy Yu
  • JD Angerhofer
  • Diana Castellanos
  • Tim Chon
  • Kathryn DeBartolomeis
  • Maddy DeLamiellueure
  • Bradley Freeman
  • Kate Hennessey
  • Akshay Jain
  • Alex Kubie
  • Megan Malley
  • Ronald Mordkovich
  • Sebastien Rhodes
  • Miranda Riggs
  • Evan Ruderman
  • Sarah Schachner
  • Ryan Schaller
  • Sarah Silvestri
  • Anna Skowron
  • Coleen Truong
  • Bailey Tuczak
  • Justin Zipkin
  • Kelleigh Haley
  • Ellie Swibel
  • Sabrina Tran


Pranav Tadikonda


1 Member

Amy Trenh

VP - Membership

2 Member

Jake Schwartz

VP - Membership

3 Member

Nate Benedict

VP - Prof. Development

4 Member

Romain Hufbauer

VP - Finance

1 Member

Annika Mursten

VP - External

2 Member

Alex Zhang

VP - Internal

3 Member

Georgia Wood

VP - Operations

4 Member

Winter 2019 Rush Video

Rush Schedule

  • Jan. 13   |   7:00 - 9:00 pm

    Rush Information Session

    Robertson Auditorium

    Our Rush Information Session is a more structured way to get to know AKPsi and brothers.

  • Jan. 15   |   4:00 - 6:00 pm

    BBA Meet the Clubs

    Ross Winter Garden

    Come stop by our booth at the BBA Meet the Clubs event to meet brothers and sign up for our email list.

  • Jan. 15   |   8:30 - 10:00 pm

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Event


    Come hear a panel speak about the diversity we have to offer within AKPsi. All rushees are welcome!

  • Jan. 16   |   8:30 - 10:30 pm

    Coffee Chats

    Robertson Auditorium Lobby

    Coffee Chats are a great way to get to know brothers in a casual setting — and to also get your caffeine fix!

  • Jan. 22   |   7:00 - 9:00 pm

    Rush BBQ


    Come grab a bite to eat and chat in a casual setting with more brothers before our application is due!

  • Jan. 22   |   11:59 pm

    Application Due

    No late submissions accepted! Be sure to submit your application well in advance to avoid issues.

  • Jan. 26   |   4:00 - 6:00 pm

    Speed Networking

    Invite Only
  • Jan. 28   |   8:30 - 10:30 pm

    Top 50 Reception

    Invite Only
  • Jan. 29   |   various times

    Professional Interviews

    Invite Only